Sunsetting Moon Monday and moving to

Dear readers of Moon Monday,

Thank you for following my articles on lunar science and exploration. After more than a year of digitally visiting the Moon every Monday, today I’m sun-setting Moon Monday. 🌒️

There are several reasons for ending the journey of Moon Monday:

a) I’ve learnt most of what I originally intended to with the niche project
b) I’ve got new ideas for future projects while executing this one
c) It’s difficult to produce a good article every single Monday, especially since I’m offering this site content completely free of cost and there’s little in the way of donations.
d) I couldn’t get the lunar community to contribute

Introducing 🚀️

Moving forward, all my science articles will be published at It already includes many articles on Moon exploration for readers of Moon Monday. 🙂

Since you’ve been following Moon Monday, I request you to visit and Subscribe via Email from the site footer to get notified of new articles.

Reminder that Moon Monday articles are freely reusable!

All of Moon Monday’s articles are published under the freedom-respecting Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, minus the media files credited independently.

That means you are free to use information from Moon Monday posts for any purpose, be it editing Wikipedia, translating Moon Monday to another language or anything you can think of. Just give credit and link back. 🙂

Open to contributions

Moon Monday will remain open to contributions as guest posts. If you want to see a lunar feature you love covered on Moon Monday, just email me at

See you around.

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